Tamarit Castle

Mr & Mrs Paddle (England)

Planning a wedding is always a daunting business, but potentially even more so when it is in another country and you don’t speak the language!   However, Stephanie and the wonderful team at AG Planning just took all of that stress away.  I had so many people comment on how relaxed I was about the wedding, and its true….because I had a great team, which I completely trusted, helping us through every step of the way! 

Our wedding day truly was everything we could have ever hoped for and we had so many friends comment that it was the best wedding (apart from their own, of course!) that they have ever been to, and that is down to such a spectacular venue, with amazing food, wine, hospitality and of course, the tireless support of all involved. 

It really was the best day of our lives!  Thank you Stephanie and all at AG Planning!  Mucho Amor,

Mr & Mrs Paddle (England)



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