Tamarit Castle


A place full of history that has been reflected in every stone of the land back to the eleventh century.

The village of Tamarit has two sectors, the Raval or Puig, just outside the ground , and Vila Closa , which protected the parish church , the abbey , and the houses of both gentlemen, known as the castle of the archbishop and of Catlin .

The Vila Closa , declared of national cultural interest , is an ancient walled medieval core of the first historical reference dates from the second half of the eleventh century.

With the reconquest against Muslims, defending the attack by sea pirates and the protection of Mediterranean trade were the reasons for building a watchtower , which nowadays it stills remains.

In the twelfth century the lords of Claramunt built the castle as the Romanesque style. A century later joined by marriage to Montoliu , and common descendants of both families adopted the place name as their surname Manor Tamarit.

It was in the fourteenth century, when the castle was earmarked for coastal surveillance to prevent attacks by pirates, and later, during the reign of Peter IV of Aragon , Castle and Villa Closed was surrounded by a wall that comes directly on coastal rocks , protecting his flank more exposed to the sea.

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